The greatest gift we receive through our salvation is the ability to have fellowship with God: to have an intimate, daily relationship with Him. This is what Jesus prayed for in the John, chapter 17. This intimate relationship with Jesus is called “abiding in Him”. As we abide in Him, God gives us the ability to obey Him and do His will (John 15:4-5)

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Designed for both small group studies and one-on-one discipleship training, this workbook covers such topics as:
• Who is Jesus Christ?
• How to have intimacy with Christ
• Our transformation through trials
• Spiritual growth and maturity
• Forgiveness and reconciliation
• Spiritual warfare
• Our eternal destiny

This devotional will help you develop a daily devotional time, to set aside time to hear from God through His Word (the bible), and to teach you about your faith—the important doctrines and beliefs of Christianity, and God’s wonderful promises to us as His children.

Family Discipleship Ministries is a non-profit ministry established in 1994 to support, educate and train the body of Christ to serve the institution of the family. Thousands of Christians have completed their Biblical training classes in marriage, parenting, discipleship and dating relationships.

Perfect Bound, BW, 108 pages

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