How to Prepare

To help you prepare for teaching FDM’s marriage or parenting classes, we have a few downloads available for you to read and study.

1) Download: Church Discipleship Plan

This document will provide an action plan for implementing discipleship in your church or group. After you read through it, go back and focus on pages 6 through 14. When you teach your first class, use these pages to cover “The Four Biblical Descriptions of a Disciple.

In the beginning, it will be important for each person in the class to know the principles laid out in these pages. If they want God to have His way in their marriage, family, and life, then they need to accept God’s call to be His disciple. That starts when they embrace the four principles that describe what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

2) Download: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

As a leader, it is crucial that you understand the biblical principles of forgiveness taught in this manual. Many Christians struggle in their marriage because they are ignorant of how to tend to their spouse according to God’s Word. That ignorance can create years of mistakes, offenses, and selfish choices which can then cause a build up of hurt and resentment. The only way these couples can move forward, find healing, and have an open heart to God’s instruction is to ask for and receive forgiveness. As a teacher, you can refer back to the truths in this document in order to help people to trust God and move forward.

3) Read the “Introductions” to the Discipleship, Marriage, or Parenting Workbook.

During your first class, the “Introduction” will help you cover how the workbook is laid out and the purpose of each section, such as the “Self-Examination” and “Action Plan” found in the marriage and parenting workbooks.

4) Finally, as the leader, it’s important to read each lesson and chapter before class and also work on these principles with your spouse.


How to Run the Class

Before your first class, figure out if you would like to use the digital, PDF or paperback version of the discipleship workbooks.

1) During your first class, take the time to introduce yourself and your family. Be open and share your motivation for teaching the class.

2) Next, cover the information from pages 6 to 14 in the Church Discipleship Plan document you previously studied. Based on those pages, share with the class their part in the journey.

3) Go over the “Introduction” section of the discipleship workbook you are using. (Note: If you are using the Parenting Discipleship Workbook, there are introduction videos available for each lesson to download or stream on

4) In the weeks following the first class, you can break up the classes into two sections:

1. Review that week’s lesson.
2. Have those who are willing, share how they answered the “Self-Examination” or “Action Plan” sections.

5) Let your class know that you are willing to meet with any of them individually if they are having trouble moving forward or implementing the principles.


Duplicate Yourself

As a leader, it is important that you pray for and encourage others to become a disciple of Christ. If you are not looking for people to become disciples, then you are not going to make disciples. God is adding to our churches and He wants to equip people so they can mature and then make more disciples! It must be your desire to duplicate yourself in the people you are teaching. After a season of implementing and working out these truths in their own life and family, encourage people to pour into others.

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